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The Online Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations

Vol 9 – No 2 – January 2018 – Page 2


Editors: John Brooker, Carey Glass and Annie Bordeleau


We are delighted to launch Edition 2 of the SFiO Online InterAction Journal. A big thank you to all of the authors and reviewers who have contributed to this issue!

Global, Multi Discipline and Multi Media

The Online InterAction is a global journal for a global community and in this edition, we have contributions from Australia, Finland, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK and the USA.You will find a Solution Focused “Treasured Article” by Peter Szabo, as well articles on the application of SF in Family Courts, local government and education. We were delighted to catch up with Dominik Godat and Elfie Czerny on their SF Tour of the USA, to find out about their dreams of spreading the power of SF, one conversation at a time.

We repeat our video featuring an Online Global Chapter event and we have an excellent case study on the use of the SF strategy canvas with Australian school principals.

A new media feature we have introduced is, “SF Conversations…” as a downloadable audio file. We are delighted that Aoki san with Jenny Clarke have contributed the first conversation to this. Aoki brings a wealth of experience in SF and with Jenny, provides some thought provoking insights. Finally, we highlight the SFiO Review process and showcase an excellent example of a SF “piece of work” from Australia.

Finally, as well as experienced SF practitioners, we are delighted to provide a platform for people who are new to SF. This ensures we bring new perspectives to the SF community.

Access to InterAction

SFiO’s intent is to establish the place of SF at the heart of organisations; for this reason, we wish for everyone in organisations to have access to this online InterAction journal.

We thank all SFiO contributors who are making it possible to publish this journal twice a year. In recognition you obtain priority notification, to give you early access to the journal and the opportunity to quickly share content with clients and colleagues.

We also warmly welcome new contributors (you can become part of SFiO here) to continue our efforts to grow more awareness and offer more support to bring SF to organisations worldwide.

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