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The Online Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations

Vol 9 – No 2 – January 2018 – Page 13

Contribute and Give Feedback

The Editors:  John Brooker, Annie Bordeleau and Carey Glass


Contribute to the next issue

If you are an SFiO financial contributor and would like to contribute a piece to Edition 3 or act as a reviewer, please let us know. Your piece should focus on organisational work, although we welcome pieces which show how organisations can apply work from other SF disciplines.

Please do not be concerned about your written English, our editors can help you and if necessary we can have work translated.

Offering Feedback

Thank you for reading, we trust you will enjoy this new journal. If you would like to send us your feedback or ideas about potential articles or people you would like to see included, please email us at zoom@sfio. org. (Note we have added an extra space in the email address and not added the link, to avoid getting a lot of spam emails from robots).

Next Edition

We plan to publish the next edition in June 2018. Please ensure you renew your contribution for 2018 to receive it in your mailbox.

Warm regards


Annie, Carey and John

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