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The Online Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations

In this issue:
Vol 9 – No 2 – January 2018

How SF conversations help leaders – a conversation with Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat

Imagine your future perfect is to give up your apartment, donate prized possessions to “someone you like and who needs it”, buy a motor home, paint it beautifully with SF wisdom, ship it across the Atlantic and tour America with your young daughter and share your love of Solution Focus through conversations. This was the future perfect of Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat, two well-known contributors to the SF community …

Also in this issue:

Book Review

Lilian Ing reviews “Solution Focused Practice in Asia”, by Debbie Hogan, Dave Hogan, Jane Tuomola and Alan K L Yeo.

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Welcome – from the Editorial Team

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Application of SF Methods to Family Court proceedings – by Jody Merelle

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Treasured Article – A jewel from the treasure chest of SF articles – Review of Peter Szabo’s 1999 article on Brief coaching by Kati Hankovszky

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“Doing With, Not Doing To” – A Case Study on Using Solution Focus Strategy Canvas in an Educational Setting

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Book Review – “Solution Focused Practice in Asia” by Lilian Ing

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How SF conversations help leaders – a conversation with Elfie Czerny and Dominik Godat

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“A Solution Focus conversation with …Yasuteru Aoki” – An audio interview with Jenny Clarke and John Brooker

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The SF Inventory Development and Application – research by Anthony M Grant et al. Annie Bordeleau reviews this paper and asks how the findings might be used for further research in organisations

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How to improve public engagement by noticing what you already do well – Dave McKenna

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Reflections on the SFIO review process – by Anton Stellamans

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Team Building Workshops Using Solution Focus Tools – by Fiona Turner

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Request for feedback – by John Brooker

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