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The Online Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations

In this issue:
Vol 9 – No 1 – August 2017

Time and Spaces - Solution Focus for Large Group Information Gathering

How do you give over 100 people a voice over their future when they are incredibly busy, have so little time and are under constant pressure to deliver? Brighton & Hove Integrated Care Service (now ‘Here’) were at a tipping point in 2012. The organisation had grown to 70 employees and new ways of doing things were being challenged at every turn, not least by other NHS organisations and individuals in the local health economy. The whole system felt stressed and they wanted to nd a way forward.

Also in this issue:

Book Review

John Brooker reviews “Resilience Pocketbook”, the latest Solution Focused based book by Janine Waldman and Paul Z Jackson.

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Welcome – from the Editorial Team

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Time and Spaces – Solution Focus in Practice – a case study with videos, by Steve Creffield

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Treasured Article – A jewel from the treasure chest of InterAction articles – Jenny Clarke reflects on : Getting Out of the Way, An Executive Retreat Using SF, by Paolo Terni

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Solution-Focused Special Education Leadership in Schools – an article, by Neil Birch and Nick Burnett

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Book Review – John Brooker reviews “Resilience Pocketbook” by Janine Waldman and Paul Z Jackson

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Case Study: Stakeholder Consultation Tools – a video webinar, with Alan Kay

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Can it really be that simple? – an article, by Evan George

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Can Questions Lead To Change? An Analogue Experiment – research paper by Sara Healing and Janet Beavin Bavelas. Annie Bordeleau reviews this paper and considers how the findings help organisations

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Be there for the other – SF in Training – an article by Leah Davcheva

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Book Recommendations – from the SFiO Linked In page contributors

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