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The Online Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations

Vol 11 – No 2 – February 2020 – Page 3

​Using SF in Deutsche Bahn Systel’s organisational transformation

Co-editors Annie Bordeleau and John Brooker talk with guest, Frank Gollas

Many Agile practitioners have adopted the Solution-Focused approach to lead constructive conversations with their teams, invite self-reflection, develop the future vision and plan actionable next steps. Frank Gollas and his colleagues have taken this relationship to the next level, however. In this short interview, Frank describes how SF is weaved into a large transformative project in a company of 4000 employees, which is slowly building 300 self-authored teams.

Two years into the project, still at the beginning of this marathon, Frank shares the role SF plays in this large scale transformation story. The story of a company who went from losing their customers to regaining their trust and becoming a trendsetter within the wider organisation.

It is impressive to hear how delighted Frank becomes when he talks about the signs of progress he discovers along the way to meeting the real needs of customers.


Annie Bordeleau

Watch or listen to the conversation below. Note that Frank mentions a conference held in 2016. In fact this was held in 2014.

Watch the video here by clicking on the 'Watch Now' button below

Using SF in Deutsche Bahn Systel's Organisational Transformation

by Frank Gollas


Frank Gollas works as an Agile Coach for DB Systel, a company within the Deutsche Bahn group.

The company is going through a huge transformation process towards self-organising agile teams.

Frank permanently coaches several teams and loves to use SF, whenever possible.

He first came into contact with SF in 2017 and recognised, that it connects perfectly with Agile.

Since then he is an excited member of the SF Community and convinced, that using SF in Organisations will make a huge difference. He also works as a self-employed coach based in Frankfurt.


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