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The Online Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations

Vol 11 – No 2 – February 2020 – Page 2

Welcome to Edition 6

2019 has been a pleasing year for SFiO, with, amongst other initiatives, opportunities to capture the knowledge of our contributors in nine Global Chapters meetings and our first ‘Unconference’ on SF in Large Scale Change in December. We took the opportunity with this eleventh edition of InterAction to capture some of the output from the Unconference, with pieces by Wendy Van den Bulck, Susanne Burgstaller, Paul Z Jackson, Roy Marriott and Marika Tammeaid.

Continuing the theme of large scale change, we have interviews with Frank Gollas of DeutscheBahn Systel in Germany, Bjorn Cerasa on working with SF at Oost Brabant, a care organisation in the Netherlands, and Emma Burns, who is the Psychology Advisor for Eastern District Police, in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

  • Frank explains to co-editors Annie Bordeleau and John Brooker how he and his colleagues are using SF as part of a radical transformation to a more agile organisation. This is a huge programme, still in progress, and Frank shares useful tips on how SF is helping.
  • SFiO contributor Sieds Rienks (Netherlands) discusses with Bjorn, how Bjorn used SF to help transform the way of working at GGZ Oost Brabant, a care organisation for those with mental health issues, despite severe budget-cuts, a shortage in health-care professionals and large reforms in the Dutch social health care system.
  • In this conversation, recorded at a Solution Focus conference in New Zealand, co-editor Carey Glass asks the questions as Emma talks to both the power of leadership and grass roots in ‘stop start’ organisational change.

We also include ways to enhance your day to day SF knowledge with:

  • A story of innovative and fast SF interventions in Vodafone Hungary as contributor Eniko Tegyi interviews ‘SWAT team’, Dora Solymar, Gyorgy Kovacs and Viktor Magyaros of Vodafone, Hungary
  • New insights on styles of SF working from Dave McKenna and Paul Z. Jackson in the UK
  • Leah Davcheva from Bulgaria who explains how you can provide a valuable service using SF to conduct final stage job interviews.

Finally, we have:

  • A ‘Treasured Article’ review by Carey Glass (Australia) of Frederike Bannink’s (Netherlands) ‘SF Conflict Management in Teams and in Organisations’
  • A book review by John Teager (Australia) of Ukrainian contributor, Victoria Spashchenko’s book, “How to Solve Problems without Discussing Them”
  • A new feature on Research Initiatives, with a call for help from Karen de Waele in Belgium and Joe Chan in Singapore

Altogether, a very international set of contributions. If you would like your work to be included in the Summer 2020 edition, would like to conduct an interview, or know of a good story or case study we can follow up, let us know at

John Brooker, Annie Bordeleau, and Carey Glass – Co-editors InterAction

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