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The Online Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations

Vol 11 – No 2 – February 2020 – Page 13

Be an InterAction Contributor

Looking for new talent and new features

SFiO wants to share the knowledge, skills and experience of our contributors within the SFiO network and out to the wider organisational world.

InterAction is one way to achieve that.

We encourage you to put your ideas to the Editors for features you would like to see in InterAction. We are happy to make them happen or help you bring them to fruition.

Perhaps you know of someone doing great Solution Focused work in organisations. In particular, organisations that are using SF to transform how they work or effect change in their processes or projects. You don’t have to interview or write yourself, just let us know the idea and we can explore it with you.

You may also have or know of novel uses of Solution Focus, e.g. new Solution Focused applications, or application of Solution Focus in new contexts. Let us know; even if you are new to the Solution Focus Approach you can still share your experience.

Please don’t let language or lack of experience be an obstacle; the editors are used to helping new talent.

Finally, if you would like to act as an interviewer or present a Global Chapter meeting, get in touch.

Whatever your contribution, please share it with us at
We would love to hear from you.

Annie Bordeleau, John Brooker, Carey Glass. Co Editors

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