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The Online Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations

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Vol 11 – No 2 – Winter 2019 / 2020


Selected Output from the SFiO Unconference

30 SFiO contributors participated in the first SFiO Unconference on 6 & 7 December 2019, to discuss aspects of Solution Focus in Large Scale Contexts. Being an open space event, there was no agenda, but the Irish College in Leuven soon reverberated with conversations. The editors have selected seven pieces of output from the event and trust you find them informative and interesting.


Using SF in Deutsche Bahn Systel's Organisational Transformation

Frank Gollas

Many Agile practitioners have adopted the SF approach to lead constructive team conversations, invite self-reflection, envisage the future and plan next steps. However, practitioners in DB Systel have taken this relationship to the next level. Briefly, Frank Gollas describes how a company of 4000 employees has woven SF into a large transformative project, building slowly to 300 self-authored teams.



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Welcome – from the Editorial Team

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Using SF in Deutsche Bahn Systel’s Organisational Transformation

– Frank Gollas talks with Annie Bordeleau (Germany) and John Brooker (UK)

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Treasured Article – “SF Conflict Management in Teams and in Organisations” by Frederike Bannink (Netherlands)

– Review by Carey Glass (Australia)

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Apply SF – Using Solution Focus in Final Job Interviews – By Leah Davcheva (Bulgaria)

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“How to Solve Problems without Discussing Them” by Victoria Spashchenko – Book Review by John Teager (Australia)

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A Conversation With – Emma Burns (New Zealand) – By Carey Glass (Australia)

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Six styles of solution-focused working in organisations – By Dave McKenna & Paul Z Jackson (UK)

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A Solution Focused SWAT team – Fast Interventions in Vodafone Hungary

– Eniko Tegyi interviews Dora Solymar, Gyorgy Kovacs, Viktor Magyaros (Hungary)

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Transforming a Mental Health Care Organisation with SF – Sieds Rienks interviews Bjorn Cerasa (Netherlands)

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Output from the SFiO Unconference – Seven pieces selected by the Editors

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SF Research Initiatives – Karen de Waele (Belgium) & Joe Chan (Singapore)

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