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The Online Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations

Vol 11 – No 1 – August 2019 – Page 7

New Twists on Classic Big Group Activities

Janine Waldman

I love finding and developing new activities and also get great satisfaction from the efficiency and emergent nature of tweaking classic activities to apply to a given topic. This session shares some examples of both, and how we’ve used them to meet specific needs and to illustrate specific SF concepts in our work with clients on their leadership and team programmes.

Here are four reasons why you might enjoy watching this session:

1. You run activities and are looking for something that will work with large groups

2. You’re an experienced SF practitioner and are looking for new twists on traditional activities and ways to apply SF

3. You’re interested in seeing how SF fits with a given topic – in this instance, Resilience

4. You don’t run activities. Well, you should…

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting this session, as I hope you’ll find apparent.  I’m often struck by how fun and learning are so interrelated, and how by helping people have slightly different conversations, we are facilitating systemic change.


Video of the session

Download Janine’s slides in PDF format


I have over 20 years’ experience in executive coaching and training. Having previously held senior HR positions in the UK and New Zealand, I also have a wealth of expertise in organisational development and change management.

My speciality is bringing about positive change and implementing constructive ways of working. I am a frequent conference presenter, contribute to management journals and have co-authored a book.

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