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Vol 11 – No 1 – August 2019 – Page 2

Sharing Stories of SOLWorld Success


Welcome to this special edition featuring the SOLWorld 2019 Conference!

This year, we met in Budapest from the 23-24 May to explore “Signs of Progress”. It was a beautiful setting for the international SF community to reconnect, share ideas, talk about developments and work on common projects.

SFiO collaborated closely with the SOLworld organisation team to record workshops and SOLTalks and to conduct interviews to share here in this edition of InterAction.

One of our missions at SFiO is to capture the valuable contributions people make at different events. We want to make them accessible to inspire Solution Focused practitioners in organisations across the globe. Collecting these in one place over the years is somehow also a small sign of progress!

The contributions in this special edition reflect what people experienced at the conference. In contrast to the format in previous InterAction Journals, we chose to let the conference attendees ‘review’ the contributions live, rather than have separate peer reviews. For lack of time and space, some very valuable contributions will be featured in future InterAction issues.

We start with this first video which will transport you to Hungary, on a beautiful site up in the hills surrounding Budapest, to sense the atmosphere of this year’s conference

To further grasp the spirit of the conference, in this issue, Katalin Hankovszky Christiansen introduces two twists around progress and how they generate hope in organisational change.

Haesun Moon and Kendra Reddy‘s presentation of the DOQ, the Dialogue Orientation Quadrant, can drastically change your way of teaching SF. Could you move away from training “SF Questions” to instead invite newcomers to spot relevant progress and shift their curiosity from one quadrant to the next?

Mark McKergow and Peter Röhrig demonstrate the “Users Guide to the Future” with Victoria Spaschenko’s live case on making the Ukraine Solution Focused.

SOLTalks have become a tradition since starting in 2013, and between SFCT and SFiO we have recorded all of these. You can see the 2019 talks  on Page 6.

Faced with the challenge to facilitate a large group introduction to SF in a short workshop, Janine Waldman and  Paul Z Jackson designed a very innovative session. Janine demonstrated this at the conference.

Many contributions were SF compliments the Agile approach. On page 8, you will find three workshops that focused on building an interactive space that fosters agility.

Using the “Signs of Progress” motto, Simone Gaio and Fabienne Stalder present many innovative ways of spicing up a workshop. We share 5 of their exciting ideas. Before viewing their video, you might want to get a white piece of A4 paper, a pen and a pair of scissors.

Finally, though not presented at the conference,  we have included:

  • Marika Tammeaid’s brilliant article on the use of SF in developing the top leaders in the Finnish Government. A great example of the use of SF in large scale change
  • A review of Wendy Van den Bulck’s book, ‘Connective Clarity’
  • A new feature on what is trending in the SF World, kicking off with the audio of Jonas Wells giving his version of SF history.

For more presentation links and resources, do visit the SOLworld 2019 website In the spirit of supporting what is there, the site is available to all future SOL event organisers to promote events.

Learning highlights from the conference

Carey Glass, Annie Bordeleau and John Brooker – Editorial Team

We are very grateful for the great collaboration with Attila Kovarcsik, a skilled cameraman from Budapest who has made sharing these resources and videos possible. 

One Thyme Pictures –

To continue broadening our library of resources and making such Online InterAction Journals and video recordings possible, SFiO welcomes your contribution here.


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