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The Online Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations

In this Special SOLWorld 2019 issue:

Vol 11 – No 1 – August 2019


Contributors – Haesun Moon and Kendra Reddy

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) from our executives have intrigued brilliant conversations as they are often on a quest to “make” positive differences in their life for themselves and others. We respond to many of the quests with a simple navigator called Dialogic Orientation Quadrant (DOQ) and you will be able to apply the tool immediately in your next dialogue.


CASE – Route for Renewal: Transforming Government via Solution Focus Rooted Top Leadership Training

Marika Tammeaid

Marika and her team have designed a large-scale Leadership training that is transforming thinking and practises in the Finnish Government. She will also share her experience live at the SFiO Unconference this December this year in Leuven.



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Welcome from the Editorial Team

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SOLWorld 2019 – Signs of Progress: Kathalin Hankovszky

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SOLWorld 2019 – Working with Executives: Reponding to FAQ with DOQ: Haesun Moon and Kendra Reddy

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SOLWorld 2019 – TOOL: How can I use the “Users Guide to the Future” as a Coaching Tool?: Mark McKergow and Peter Röhrig

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SOLWorld 2019 – SOL TALKS: Roy Marriot, Jenny Clark and Dominic Godat and Elfie Czerny

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SOLWorld 2019 – New Twists on Classic Big Group Activities: Janine Waldman

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SOLWorld 2019 – Solution Focused Agile: Attila Molnár, Roy Marriott, Daniel Meier and Elvira Kalmar

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SOLWorld 2019 – Visible Signs of Progress: Simone Gaio and Fabienne Stalder

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CASE – Route for Renewal: Transforming Government via Solution Focus Rooted Leasdership Training: Marika Tammeaid, sharing her experience at the Unconference on using SF in Large Scale Contexts, 6 – 7 Dec. 2019

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Book Review: Edited by Wendy Van den Bulck. Reviewed by Anton Stellamanns

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