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The Online Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations

In this issue:

Vol 10 – No 2 – January 2019

A Video Conversation With Wendy van den Bulck

In conversation with John Brooker

This interview with Wendy van den Bulck in Belgium provides a stunning example of the application of equine assisted practice in the organisational psychology space …

Also in this issue:


Mark McKergow presents SFBT 2.0

We have developed an edited version of the SFiO Online Global Chapter meeting on SFBT 2.0, hosted by Annette Gray in Australia.   Watch Here



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Welcome from the Editorial Team.

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Video: “A Video Conversation With Wendy van den Bulck” – Belgium. Reviewed by Brent Gardiner – New Zealand.

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Treasured Article – a jewel from the treasure chest of the InterAction archive. Annette Gray’s SF organisational
case study from Australia.
Reviewed by Stanus Cloete – South Africa.

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Solution-Focused Agile: Transforming the World of Work. By Mo Hagar – USA. Reviewed by Rod Sherwin – Australia.

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Book Review: Creative Solution Building: Solution Focused Brief Therapy Across Southern Africa Edited by Jacqui von Cziffra-Bergs. Reviewed by Mark McKergow – UK.

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“Using the Solution Focus approach in the New Zealand police with young offenders” Emma Burns – New Zealand. Reviewed by Greg Oberbeck – UK.

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What pre-suppositions are hiding in your questions? An audio discussion between Adam Froerer – USA and Kati Hankovszky – Switzerland. Introduction by Annie Bordeleau – Germany.

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The SF Facilitator’s Question Tree. John Brooker – UK.

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Solution Focussed Practice in Workforce Development. By Inge Nijkamp – UK. Introduction by John Brooker – UK.

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SFBT2.0 – The next generation of Solution Focused Brief Therapy has already arrived. Video of Dr Mark McKergow’s Global Chapter Presentation for Asia Pacific.

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Managing Complexity in Large Scale Processes. By Sofie Geisler – Mexico

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