The Online Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations

Vol 10 – No 1 – July 2018 – Page 2


Editors: John Brooker, Carey Glass and Annie Bordeleau


We are delighted to launch this, the third edition of the Solution Focus in Organisations Online InterAction Journal.


This edition is filled with great examples of how organisations have implemented SF successfully into their daily practice and also, how SF can drastically change the way we perceive situations, ourselves and others. A big thank you to all of the authors and reviewers who have contributed to this issue!


On an emotional note, we dedicate this issue to Denise Wright, who contributed so much to bringing SF to Asia. We feature a case study by Denise of SF consultancy work she did with a global pharmaceutical company, using SF to shift their culture to a more collaborative, systemic working approach.


Also on the theme of SF’s impact on organisational change, we have: the video, “To Go Full Jedi”, which shows how SF has had great success in working with families in the UK; the audio interview with Hi5, an IT business in Sweden, which highlights that SF can lead to business growth; Wim Sucaet’s article which explains how he used SF to achieve change more effectively than traditional methods.


The interview with an HR specialist, “How SF impacts perception”, highlights how SF can shift our perception and consequently our approach to those involved in change. Interestingly, “To Go Full Jedi” also touches on this in a metaphorical way and in “An SF Conversation With…” Peter Szabo discusses how he now perceives he is much more focused on listening than questioning in his coaching, acting as a “Caring Witness” for his coachees.


To top the edition off, Marco Matera introduces his “SF Chart” as a new tool for using SF with individuals and teams and you can hear and read two SFiO contributors peer review Wim’s change project to enable him to achieve his “Reviewed Contributor” status. We include the audio and written work in this edition of InterAction because it has some great lessons and also to highlight the value of having your peers review a piece of your work.


Editing the journal involves a lot of work, but the learning we obtain from hearing and reading the work of excellent international practitioners of SF makes it all worth it. We hope you will enjoy discovering the nuggets in this latest edition and extending your knowledge in the sunshine (at least in Europe).

Planning for the next edition is already underway and we look forward to bringing that to you later this year. If you are experienced in SF and would like to be an interviewer, or write a review; if you have something of interest to tell organisations and organisational practitioners, in an article or interview, or you have a topic of interest for an online chapter meet; please contact the editors at We would love to hear from you


Annie, Carey and John

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