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The Online Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations

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Vol 10 – No 1 – July 2018

To Go Full Jedi - How Children and Family Services in Essex help more children remain with the family.

An SFiO Video Production

In February 2018, John Brooker attended a Solution Focus conference in Colchester, England. So impressed with a case study given by the Divisional Based Intervention Team Service (D-BIT) of Essex Council Children and Family Services, he asked them to share their story in a SFiO Global Chapter meeting. Now we have the opportunity to share it wider in InterAction. Watch as members of the team, Sue, Greg and Leon, explain how they have trained and coached the staff in Solution Focus since 2012 (with support from Harvey Ratner of Brief), the leadership challenges they faced to implement and use SF as their primary methodology and the great success they have had, which they attribute to Solution Focus. You will find out about Going the Full Jedi too! Short of time right now? Watch the trailer at the beginning of the video!

Also in this issue:


Change Your Conversation, Change Your Organisation

Denise Wright

Susanne Burgstaller reviews this case study from Denise Wright, a chapter in the book, “Solution Focused Practice in Asia”. Denise’s case study is a great example of the use of SF in organisations to effect change. Sadly, Denise, who ran the SFCT Chapter in Singapore until 2014, died last year and so this is a tribute to her and her Solution Focused work. With thanks to Debbie Hogan for obtaining permission to use this chapter.

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Welcome – from the Editorial Team

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Change your conversation. Change your organisation. SF consulting leveraging strategic methods of collaboration – Denise Wright’s Case Study of SF use in a large organisation in Singapore. Reviewed by Susanne Burgstaller – Austria.

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Treasured Article – a jewel from the treasure chest of the InterAction archive – Stanus Cloete’s Case Study of SF use in a small business in South Africa. Reviewed by Marika Tammeaid – Finland.

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Facilitating change to achieve a renewed working model – Wim Sucaet’s Case Study of of SF based organisational change in a Youth Services organisation in Belgium. Reviewed by Joe Chan – Singapore.

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What happens when a whole organisation adopts SF? Hi5! – Audio interview with Niklas Tiger, MD of Hi5, a growing technology company in Sweden that uses SF to great effect. Interviewed and introduced by Shakya Kumara – UK.

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How SF impacts perception – An interview with Ronald Warnecke – Switzerland. Interview and article by Annie Bordeleau – Germany.

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An SF Conversation with … Peter Szabó – Switzerland, in conversation with Liselotte Baeijaert – Belgium. Audio. Introduced by Carey Glass – Australia.

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To Go Full Jedi – a successful case study of SF in Children and Family Services in England – A video talk with Sue Lancaster, Greg Oberbeck and Leon Helsby. Hosted by John Brooker – UK – with an all star cast of international SFiO contributors.

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SF Chart – a plan to get out of the plan – Explanation of a new SF tool by Marco Matera – Italy. Reviewed by Carey Glass – Australia.

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Example of an SFiO Review Conversation – Audio of John Wheeler and John Brooker – UK – reviewing a piece of his work with Wim Sucaet – Belgium.

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