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Stories from 20 Years of SOLWorld

Panel: Jenny Clarke & Peter Röhrig & Katalin Hankovszky & Petra Mueller-Demary & Daniel Meier Host: Veronika Jungwirth Introduced by John Brooker Hosted by Veronika Jungwirth, join the panel of Jenny Clarke, Kati Hankovszky, Petra Müller-Demary, Daniel Meier Peter Röhrig, with a spontaneous appearance by Paul Z Jackson, as they share stories of 20 years of SOLWorld. Peter ‘covers’ the Beatles, and recalls the friendliness of the community and absent friends; Jenny explains SOLWorld’s beginning in Bristol and the ‘friendly Brit’ sect; Kati shares SOLWorld secrets; Petra reveals the community house party aspects; Daniel fondly remembers the Moments, and Paul reveals cabaret murder… to name a few.