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How to solve problems without discussing them

Victoria Spashchenko Reviewed by John Teager Victoria Spashchenko is on a mission to realise a dream – that, one day, the whole of her home country of Ukraine will be Solution Focused. And, after Ukraine? The world! In this easy to read and highly practical book, Spashchenko’s passion for her cause and determination to succeed shines through strongly. This endearing little pocket guide, published in Ukrainian and English and deliberately designed to fit in a small bag or the pocket of jeans, conveniently doubles as a personal, ‘on hand’ ready reference as it invites the reader to record Solution Focus thoughts and comments and to respond to the questions posed within each section, either at the time of reading or later.

SF in the Ukraine

Victoria Spashchenko & Carey Glass Introduced by Carey Glass In Peter de Jong and Insoo Kim Berg’s Interviewing for Solutions, we read the story of Rosie: Cheryl: “What do you suppose you would notice tomorrow morning that would be different - that would tell you, wow, things are really better!” Rosie: [smiling] “That’s easy. I would have won the lottery - $3 million.” Cheryl: “That would be great, wouldn’t it?

Solution Focus in War. By Insider

Victoria Spashchenko Key Note – SFA in War. By Insider. In this video (and audio below) of the keynote talk at SOLWorld 2023 in Vienna, Victoria Spashchenko shares her personal and professional experience of applying the Solution Focus Approach during the war in Ukraine. She considers what worked and what was difficult; tries to summarise the resilient strategies of Ukrainians; highlights (once again) the power of a single question, and speculates if there are naturally SF people and countries.