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Exploring what works: Is SF the best way of harnessing the impact of positive psychology in the workplace?

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Introduction to Solution Focus Coaching for Agile Teams

Veronika Jungwirth and Ralph Miarka Introduced by John Brooker In this edited recording of an SFiO Global Chapter meeting, Veronika Jungwirth and Ralph Miarka summarise the topic of Solution Focus Coaching for Agile Teams, with many valuable tips on using SF to coach teams that wish to adopt agile practices. Role modelling SF from the very beginning, Veronika and Ralph relate how they came to write their book after much experience of coaching teams, mainly in IT, to adopt agile ways of working.

SF Conflict Management in Teams and in Organisations

An Introduction to Fredrike Bannink Introduced by Carey Glass This choice of Treasured Article goes right back to the first publication of InterAction in May 2009; Solution Focused Conflict Management in Teams and in Organisations by Frederike Bannink. Chosen for its elegance of description, it illuminates the Solution Focused approach to conflict resolution simply and clearly, provides a pure table of differences between Solution Focus and a problem-focused approach and is accompanied by a brief, easily followed case study.