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Making it Happen with your Team

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The SF Chart

Marco Matera & Carey Glass Introduction by Carey Glass Marco has a skill in bringing visual description alive. This article provides us with an enchanting description of SF and a very clear and accessible visual chart for using it with individuals and teams. In his description he provides the lovely image that problems have frameworks but imaginings have space. He describes that if we are moving away from the problem rather than going toward the solution we are still anchored to the problem.

"I'll be honest - it's Solution Focus"

Michele Orr Introduced by Carey Glass What forms of power does a leader need for a remote working team during COVID19? Michele Orr heads up a mental health team in Melbourne, Australia and describes what levers have been necessary for remote working to succeed. Interestingly, from a clinical standpoint, staff have used Solution Focus more with clients and more effectively, when they focus on listening to clients on the telephone, rather than face to face.

An SF SWAT team

Eniko Tegyi, Dora Solymar, Gyorgy Kovacs & Viktor Magyaros Introduced by John Brooker In early 2019, I was a speaker at the International Coaching Federation Conference in Budapest. At lunch I started chatting to the people I was sharing a table with. They told me a story of how they use SF in fast paced training interventions with staff and often have those staff try out their new skills immediately in live experiences back at work.