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SF Coaching meets Advanced Leadership Development

Stephanie Salecker Being a leader in these times isn’t easy – it is complex, ambiguous and demanding Leaders need advanced leadership skills and support on how to deal with their daily leadership challenges. Still, they also need to develop higher levels of leadership awareness and consciousness along the way. These levels are often not developed alone or in isolation, involving a much longer term professional and personal learning journey that can extend over many years.

Micro Skills in a Macro World

Mark McKergow,Susanne Burgstaller,Jesper Hankovszky Christiansen,Anton Stellamans,Marika Tammeaid & Jonas Wells What do SF practitioners involved in large-scale change projects do that works? What do SF practitioners that are involved in large-scale change projects do that works? The Macroanalysis Study Group has studied this question for the last two years. They have examined case stories together and identified some distinctive features of SF organisational development (OD) processes.

Getting the Best From Feedback

Paul Z Jackson & Janine Waldman Workshop on 'Getting the Best From Feedback' - Without demotivating people. When sharing feedback, we want to provide opportunities for learning and growth. Done well, it can strengthen our relationships and raise performance. Done poorly, it can be uncomfortable and even devastating for the recipient. Working with clients on global leadership programmes, we created this workshop to take the fear out of feedback.

The SF Genius Zone

Yoram Galli Workshop on the SF Genius Zone with Yoram Galli. In this video, Yoram presents The Genius Zone©, (a term Gay Hendricks coined) as a possible concept for building the answer to the Miracle Question. You can identify your Genius Zone and learn how to help clients identify theirs. Yoram offers you a twofold activity: In the first part, he presents The Genius Zone, as a possible concept for building the answer to the Miracle Question.

Laugh Your Way to Solution

Bea Bincze & Kornel Csajtai Workshop on Laugh Your Way to Solution. Laughing together is essential for creating trust among employees, boosting morale, and increasing retention rates. Additionally, it can be a powerful tool for reducing stress and sparking creativity. Bea Bincze and Kornél Csajtai, from Hungary, provide coaching sessions for organisations and strive to create a safe and humorous environment, that helps their clients achieve their goals in a fun and efficient manner.

Staging the imagination

Vonneke Beeker & Anton Stellamans Workshop on Staging the Imagination. How theatre principles help to understand our work. We are taught to believe that change happens when we effectively do something about the situation we are confronted with. That’s why we tend to look for the next steps and solutions to fix our old problems. Solution Focus, however, takes a different route to change. Instead of following the classic cause-effect logic, we rely on the power of imagination to make change flow more naturally.

Solution Focus in War. By Insider

Victoria Spashchenko Key Note – SFA in War. By Insider. In this video (and audio below) of the keynote talk at SOLWorld 2023 in Vienna, Victoria Spashchenko shares her personal and professional experience of applying the Solution Focus Approach during the war in Ukraine. She considers what worked and what was difficult; tries to summarise the resilient strategies of Ukrainians; highlights (once again) the power of a single question, and speculates if there are naturally SF people and countries.

Stories from 20 Years of SOLWorld

Panel: Jenny Clarke & Peter Röhrig & Katalin Hankovszky & Petra Mueller-Demary & Daniel Meier Host: Veronika Jungwirth Introduced by John Brooker Hosted by Veronika Jungwirth, join the panel of Jenny Clarke, Kati Hankovszky, Petra Müller-Demary, Daniel Meier Peter Röhrig, with a spontaneous appearance by Paul Z Jackson, as they share stories of 20 years of SOLWorld. Peter ‘covers’ the Beatles, and recalls the friendliness of the community and absent friends; Jenny explains SOLWorld’s beginning in Bristol and the ‘friendly Brit’ sect; Kati shares SOLWorld secrets; Petra reveals the community house party aspects; Daniel fondly remembers the Moments, and Paul reveals cabaret murder… to name a few.

SOL Summer Retreat 2021 - Nourishing your SF Roots to engable your SF flourishing.

We are delighted to announce that the 12th SOL Summer Retreat will take place on 2nd – 6th August 2021.

SOLWORLD Conference 2021 - Now Online

On June 11th 2021, we plan for a one-day online event. We envision a mix of talks, lightning talks (about 10 minutes), interactive workshops, book presentations, research presentations as well as a colourful and lively Open Space for all the topics that arise spontaneously. Be our guest .