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SOL Unconference 2024

You are very welcome to join us on 14-16 April if you wish to explore, in an "Open Space" format, how Solution Focus can facilitate conversations for sustainable change, we invite you to the beautiful and sustainable retreat centre "Land aan Zee" in the Netherlands.

SOL Unconference 2024

This is the meeting page for all practitioners who will be attening the Solution Focus conversations for sustainable change. We look forward to welcoming your at the beautiful and sustainable retreat centre "Land aan Zee" in the Netherlands.

2023 Sol World Conference in Vienna

We would be delighted to welcome you to the SOLworld Conference 2023 in Vienna, Austria. Together, we will have three days full of inspiration, co-creation, learning, acting, observing and reflecting about the impact solutions focus can have on the lives of many in and after such a crisis.

SOL DACH 2022 - Fit im Lösungsfokus

Die SOLWorldDACH 2022 findet als Freiburger Impulstage vom 12.-14. Mai 2022 in Freiburg im Breisgau statt.

SOLWORLD Conference 2021 - Now Online

On June 11th 2021, we plan for a one-day online event. We envision a mix of talks, lightning talks (about 10 minutes), interactive workshops, book presentations, research presentations as well as a colourful and lively Open Space for all the topics that arise spontaneously. Be our guest .


Join us on January 17-18, 2020: [S**OLWORLDDACH 2020**](https://solworlddach.com/) in Frankfurt am Main . Wir freuen uns auf eine Open-Space-Konferenz! Euer Organisationsteam: Kirsten Dierolf, Frank Gollas, Stefan Kreil und Joachim Norf.

SOL Summer Retreat 2020

The venue and format for this year’s retreat have been chosen to support a small group spending time together in a beautiful and remote location near London in basic accommodation