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Facilitating change

Wim Sucaet & Joe Chan Review by Joe Chan As a manager in the senior management of a non – profit organisation I work with people and the community, handling and tackling pressures and expectations from internal and external stakeholders. So, I can relate well to Wim’s position and challenge in this article. As a Solution Focus (SF) practitioner, Wim has really demonstrated some key essence of the SF approach which shone through his works and project:

SF to Improve Patient Experience

Kenneth Kwan Introduced by Carey Glass What a fantastic session! Kenneth Kwan has the secret sauce. He has worked out how to sell SF into businesses, and in this podcast, he explains how he does it. His podcast is full of gems; “People don’t buy programmes; they buy business results.” He describes how he built a programme that leaves nothing to chance, focusing on getting quantitative, measurable results for business, making it an easy sell.

SF research initiatives

karen-de-waele, Joe Chan We met Karen De Waele at the SF in a Large-Scale Context Unconference in December 2019 and she inspired us to start this new section of our InterAction journal, sharing Research Initiatives in organisational contexts. She is calling for your support in connecting her to organisations for her project. Contributor Joe Chan from Singapore also has a research project underway and we include his summary below.

"Solution Focus Briefly Illustrated"

Lilian Ing & Simon Lee Reviewed by Lilian Ing This little gem of a book comes from Asia. Simon Lee, the author, is a well-seasoned trainer, coach and SF practitioner, who has put together a book to introduce people in organisations - leaders, managers and coaches - to the ‘solution focused’ way. This book provides practical suggestions of how leaders can apply SF techniques to coaching their team members.

"Youth Lenses"

Joe Chan Reviewed by Tara Gretton “Be inspired by him” A first for Asia and a first for me! My first experience of an interactive book! On one of my favourite topics, young people! It was a wonderful experience, that I am excited to tell you about! Joe Chan and I have never met; however, we connect on social media and I often watch Joe with admiration as he takes on the most exhilarating physical challenges, all in the name of his work with young people in Singapore!

Parent-Teacher Bonding in a Singapore School

In Singapore, some parents have such high expectations of their children's education that they often unfairly place the responsibility on teachers for their children's well-being at school. In this parent-teacher bonding workshop, the goal is to help facilitate a bond between parents and teachers so that they work together collaboratively to foster a nurturing environment for their children at home and school.