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reviewed pieces of work

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Juha Turpeinen

Workshop event focusing on role changes in organizations.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Aakusti Oksanen

iCreate - Creativity in Work Life. An individual solution-focused coaching process, enhanced by experiential learning techniques (emerging programme)

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Sieds Rienks

Improving performance and atmosphere in a Health Care Institute by using Solution Focus ap-proach and methods.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Alan Kay

Strategic planning the Solution Focus way for a Children’s Aid Society: How to build on the clients existing planning strategic skills and create greater alignment with customers and community stakeholders

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Annette Gray

Creating one team that respects one another and enjoys coming to work — Business unit culture change at professional services firm Annette Gray from Growth Coaching International was asked to help a management team in a professional services firm in Sydney Australia during 2011 change their culture by becoming more respectful of their colleagues and a happier place to work.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Dr. Brian K Jennings

Design and Facilitation of Solution Focused Quality Review Process I designed and facilitated an institutional quality review process based upon Solution Focused Principles within my institution, Ghana Christian University College (GhanaCU).

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Carey Glass

Using SF to Create Whole System Change in Social Care The Client wished to implement the Government’s vision of putting clients with social care needs in control of services to maintain their independence and build capacity in the community to meet low level needs.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Fiona Turner

Solution Focused Workshops for Small Teams Our Team Workshops to date have had an immediate impact. A sense of hope and positivity can be felt amongst the team (Client), that wasn’t there before the workshops.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Tuija Laine-Itävuo

This piece of work describes a solution-focused group coaching process while working together towards a customer-centric organization.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Hans-Christian Nielsen

Achieving a renewed working model. How can we organise ourselves to obtain more quality in our work and cope with the VUCA-world we live in?