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Using the Solution Focus Approach in the New Zealand Police with Young Offenders

Emma Burns, Greg Oberbeck Introduction Solution Focused Practice within the Police. Yes, you read that correctly, the use of Solution Focused Practice within the Police. Emma Burns talks about a government initiative in New Zealand to identify and support young people to help them avoid a road of offending and instead be on a path towards a better life. While that was the initial aim, even more has been achieved in the work Emma has been doing.

A conversation with Emma Burns

Emma Burns & Carey Glass SFiO - Solution Focus in Organisations · Emma Burns - Developing Support For SF In Organisations Introduced by Carey Glass Can you imagine the police saying: “We see you when things are really bad, what would things look like on a good day?” or getting this feedback “This is the first time I have ever felt you care.” This is what is happening in parts of New Zealand through the work of Emma Burns.