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"Solution Focus Briefly Illustrated"

Lilian Ing & Simon Lee Reviewed by Lilian Ing This little gem of a book comes from Asia. Simon Lee, the author, is a well-seasoned trainer, coach and SF practitioner, who has put together a book to introduce people in organisations - leaders, managers and coaches - to the ‘solution focused’ way. This book provides practical suggestions of how leaders can apply SF techniques to coaching their team members.

Coaching Clinic 教练演习会

Upscale your coaching skills by means of practice and support for a Community of Practitioners.


新冠肺炎疫情下的求职环境充满挑战,前景不明朗,加上后疫情时代的职场新趋势,让在职人士乱了阵脚?! 作为职场教练,您会如何提问协助客户提高就业实力,开启后疫情时代的职场生涯

Teaming for Results

Our first event for the year, 2021. All are welcomed to attend. We planned for two sessions to cater to participants from Europe and India. Hope this helps to get us to a good start for 2021.

SFiO Chapter Malaysia - Next Generation of Leadership Coaching

Join us on **January 17th, 2020: [SFiO Chapter in Kuala Lumpur.](https://allevents.in/kuala%20lumpur/sfio-malaysia-next-generation-of-leadership-coaching/200018769167120) How does the Next Generation of Leadership Coaching look like in 2020?** This event is launching the New SFiO Chapter in Kuala Lumpur!

SFiO Malaysia

To all SF Practitioners in Malaysia and Asia: Welcome to SFiO Malaysia. Here is where we share and engage with others to create new possibilities as we learn together.