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Research Review - Development and Validation of an SF Inventory

Annie Bordeleau, anthony-grant, michael-cavanagh and sabina-kreitman Review by Annie Bordeleau In SFiO’s search for ways to identify to what extent an organization is solution focused, we discovered this article published by Grant et al. (2012): “Development and validation of the solution focused inventory”. Their research in inspired by a previous study conducted by Smock et al. (2010) who designed the “Solution Building Inventory” (SBI). Smock’s team was searching a way of measuring the client’s ability to build solutions in Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT).

How to Improve Public Engagement

Dave Mckenna and Paul Z Jackson Review of Article by Paul Z Jackson My first thought on seeing the article titled, ‘How to improve public engagement by noticing what you already do well’, was, “What a good idea! I’ve recently been reading ‘The Blunders of our Governments’ by Anthony King and Ivor Crewe, which is both horrifying and salutary. If only our tax-paid-for institutions would notice what works well, they might spend a lot less time and cash on such blunders (in the UK) as the Poll Tax, the Exchange Rate Mechanism and (unforgettably for UK readers) the Millennium Dome.