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Signs of Progress

Katalin Hankovszky “People need to be able to hope, to engage in the process of change.” Evan George, BRIEF (UK) There is anecdotal evidence, about Steve de Shazer saying that ‘progress’ was the most important word in the Solution-Focused approach. To identify progress means to notice signs which show that (some of) what is happening fits with clients’ desired outcome. This reinforces the invested effort. It’s worth asking about the exact ways people contributed to the observed progress; in response, we receive descriptions of resources and specific ways of doing things, which we recognise and reinforce, too.

An SF SWAT team

Eniko Tegyi, Dora Solymar, Gyorgy Kovacs & Viktor Magyaros Introduced by John Brooker In early 2019, I was a speaker at the International Coaching Federation Conference in Budapest. At lunch I started chatting to the people I was sharing a table with. They told me a story of how they use SF in fast paced training interventions with staff and often have those staff try out their new skills immediately in live experiences back at work.

"Agile Transformation with an Agile Process"

Elvira Kalmár, Zsuzsanna Papp, György Pászty Introduced by Maurice (Mo) Hagar There is much to commend this case study. While the COVID crisis has proven a setback for some, forward-thinking companies like Invitech understand that such crises create opportunities for both Solution Focus (SF) and Agile. As well, Invitech demonstrates the synergies between SF and Agile, of which even forward-thinking companies often fail to take advantage. As shown here, Invitech’s blended approach addresses and mitigates some of the challenges that organisations often face when pursuing Agile “transformation.

Laugh Your Way to Solution

Bea Bincze & Kornel Csajtai Workshop on Laugh Your Way to Solution. Laughing together is essential for creating trust among employees, boosting morale, and increasing retention rates. Additionally, it can be a powerful tool for reducing stress and sparking creativity. Bea Bincze and Kornél Csajtai, from Hungary, provide coaching sessions for organisations and strive to create a safe and humorous environment, that helps their clients achieve their goals in a fun and efficient manner.

Empowering People for Successful Change

elvira-kalmer Introduced by Annette Gray Elvira Kalmar presents an inspiring Case Study session on how, as an Organisational Development consultant, she worked in a Solution Focus way with her client Invitech to bring about an agile transformation fast and with incredible lightness. Elvira engaged me as she described her approach (or lack of process as she explained), allowing the client to be the expert in their world, helping them define what agile transformation would look like and co-creating the steps along the way.

Make sure everyone has a Post-it

Eniko Tegyi & Jenny Clarke Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash Introduced by Jenny Clarke The value of the platform Enikö Tegyi has long experience working with teams. In this article, she shares her know-how, answering that often asked question, “What if some people don’t seem to join in?” Here she gives us a lovely example of how to fully engage and involve everyone in a meeting or project, eliciting Best Hopes to give the work a firm platform.