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host leadership

The “Users Guide to the Future” as a Coaching Tool

Mark McKergow and Peter Röhrig Le “Guide du routard vers le futur” un outil de coaching (French translation by Mathieu) Article Model In their book “Host – Six New Roles of Engagement” (2014, pp.45 – 59) Mark McKergow and Helen Bailey present the following model which illuminates the responsiveness of hosting and helps Host Leaders (and indeed SF workers) think about where to put their focus; how to connect long-term hopes and objectives with short-term action.

The elegant art of noticing

On 25 October at 18:00 CET. Wim first presented this session at SOLWorld Vienna. The SFiO InterAction editors received so many positive reviews about this session we asked Wim to repeat it online. In this session you will learn to train your ‘noticing muscle’ to become even more skillful and resourceful in it. We’ll have dialogues, share stories, and explore a world of possibilities ... just by noticing.

Village In The City with Dr Mark McKergow

Sunday 11 April 2021, 10am-11.30am UK time. How does Solution Focus underpin Village in the City? Learn how SF ideas underpin VITC, used with a novel framework to help you see what’s working, and what isn’t yet, about your neighbourhood.

Le “Guide du routard vers le futur” un outil de coaching

The “Users Guide to the Future” as a Coaching Tool (Version originale en anglais) Article Résumé Le « guide du routard vers le futur » est un modèle créé par Mark McKergow et Helen Bailey permettant la mise en place de futurs orientés solution. Lors de notre intervention à la conférence SOLWorld 2019, nous avons eu l’opportunité de présenter ce modèle et d’en faire la démonstration au cours d’une séance de coaching en direct et ainsi de montrer comment des clients peuvent trouver des signes de progrès lorsqu’ils font face à des projets complexes et ambitieux.