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Emergence of SF practice

Jonas Wells On all channels: Youtube, LinkedIn and Facebook the current ‘trending recording’ is an illuminating history of SF, compellingly told by Jonas Wells. Jonas gave a talk for the SFiO Global Online Chapter on 30 June 2019. Through his excellent research and timeline, he took the 27 participants back in history from the early works of Milton Erikson in the 50’s, through the eighties and nineties, with a cast of characters, some well known and others less so.

"The Next Generation of SF Practice"

Carey Glass Reviewed by Carey Glass The Next Generation of Solution Focused Practice is Mark McKergow’s magnum opus. Since discovering SF’s world-changing paradigm shift in practice and thought, Mark has maintained his steadfast determination, insatiable curiosity and exceptional single-minded focus to explore and unearth understandings of what makes SF so powerful and how that happens so uniquely. His new book brings the fruits of this exploration into print. You can feel the years of thought in its pages.