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"How to build large scale change"

Marika Tammeaid Introduced by Carey Glass This article is short yet packs much thoughtful punch. It provides two practical tools for use in large scale change. The first tool is a spin-off from the concept of an SF scale. It represents hierarchical organisations as a ladder to enable thinking about interactions from all perspectives; the broad perspective of leadership to the coalface perspective of staff. The second is an elegant way of mapping the continuum and need for organisational stability, or change, against the level of environmental uncertainty.

SF supporting a systems change in local government

Paut Kromkamp & els-de-beurden Introduced by Géry Derbier Once upon a time in the Netherlands, the Dutch government promulgated a new welfare and social services law… This law begins the fascinating story of a huge paradigm shift at the scale of an organisation caring for a population of 60000+ people. Transitioning from a “What’s wrong with you?” to a “How would you like to participate in your reality?