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Application of SF Methods

Jody’s curiosity about what her friend did with her client that worked, could be compared to the attention the developers of solution-focused practice paid to what worked in the therapy they were doing. It also makes her article as much about learning the solution-focused approach as about its application to court proceedings.

Route for renewal

Marika Tammeaid Introduction In the previous issue of InterAction Sofie Geisler was discussing how solution focus works on a large scale and in thinking big. That has been my key interest also for years, since aside of my long-term work as a solution focused coach and trainer of the SF approach, I have all the time had another professional life as a civil servant. My daily work keeps me curious of how a solution focus can be applied in transforming large organisations, or even networks of organisations, like the public sector as whole.

"How to build large scale change"

Marika Tammeaid Introduced by Carey Glass This article is short yet packs much thoughtful punch. It provides two practical tools for use in large scale change. The first tool is a spin-off from the concept of an SF scale. It represents hierarchical organisations as a ladder to enable thinking about interactions from all perspectives; the broad perspective of leadership to the coalface perspective of staff. The second is an elegant way of mapping the continuum and need for organisational stability, or change, against the level of environmental uncertainty.

Applying a solution-focused approach in counselling

Sirkkaliisa Heimonen & John Brooker Introduced by John Brooker Lessons for Organisations Practitioners use Solution Focus in different disciplines, including (but not limited to therapy, counselling, individual coaching, team coaching, organisational and supra organisational development. This article serves as a reminder that these disciplines often overlap and that it is important to keep cross-pollinating knowledge between them. Sirkkaliisa Heimonen and her colleagues have been researching the impact on individuals with mild cognitive impairment and early-onset dementia while at work.

Reflections on the SFiO Review Process

Anton Stellamans, Katja Kiiski and Fiona Turner Introduction SFiO offers you as an SFiO contributor, an opportunity to become a reviewed SF professional for work carried out in or with an organisation. By becoming a Reviewed Contributor, you can demonstrate and certify that your work is truly respective of the Solution Focused Approach. SF has been developed by reflecting on the way we help people, teams and organisations. The SFiO Review process builds on this; it is a rich learning experience for both candidates and reviewers, a terrific way to share valuable resources amongst Contributors.

Opportunities for using SF in the Objectives and Key Results Model

Juha Turpeinen Introduced by Johanna Amlacher Juha Turpeinen’s article intriguingly intertwines Objectives and Key Results (OKR) with Solution Focus, initially seeming divergent but ultimately revealing underlying connections. Juha astutely reveals their harmonious relationship and the transformative potential when merged. OKR, a framework for goal-setting, facilitates the delineation and monitoring of objectives and their measurable outcomes, fostering organizational alignment and focus. By cascading small steps and team-level goals towards broader strategic objectives, it paints a preffered picture of the future and small steps of progress — a sentiment resonant with Solution Focus.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Juha Turpeinen

Workshop event focusing on role changes in organizations.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Aakusti Oksanen

iCreate - Creativity in Work Life. An individual solution-focused coaching process, enhanced by experiential learning techniques (emerging programme)

Mistä tekemisestä saat energiaa ja hyvää tuulta?

21 #ratkes vinkkiä #koronan keskelle - Tästä se lähtee Kiitos Lari Karreinen Heli Reinivuo & muut Solution Focus in Organisations (SFiO) Suomi Finland kollegat ihanasta ideasta ja sen nopeasta käytäntöön viemisestä❣️ Vaihtoehto jaksaa, jaksaa -puheelle It has been a tiring corona year for many and the crises continues. In order to provide a SF alternative to the present public discussion of ‘hang on and hold out’ tone, we publish in four social media chanels one SF question a day.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Sari Nousianinen

Individual coaching process ‘Building a systematic method for creative work’ (2015-2016)