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SF Conflict Management in Teams and in Organisations

An Introduction to Fredrike Bannink Introduced by Carey Glass This choice of Treasured Article goes right back to the first publication of InterAction in May 2009; Solution Focused Conflict Management in Teams and in Organisations by Frederike Bannink. Chosen for its elegance of description, it illuminates the Solution Focused approach to conflict resolution simply and clearly, provides a pure table of differences between Solution Focus and a problem-focused approach and is accompanied by a brief, easily followed case study.

Two teams merged into one

Jesper Hankovszky Christiansen Introduced by Annie Bordeleau Clients asked Jesper H Christiansen to merge two teams that were in deep conflict with each other. The management had concluded that due to the team’s overlapping activities, it was essential they work together, once and for all. The management had tried this in the past, without success. The teams had many negative experiences, and there were hurt feelings and mutual mistrust.