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Client Coaching – to clarify role as HR Manager

The implementation of the client’s coaching was part of the development plan of the management team of his area of responsibility, where personal coaching was agreed for all members of the management team. The Coaching was ordered by the head of that business unit. Other Management Team Coachings were conducted by the Business Consulting Center. All coaching processes include the beginning and the end of a tripartite meeting between the client, the coach and the orderer, and setting goals and metrics for the process. The customer’s goal was to clarify his role as an HR Manager and to find tools for his own time management.


The client’s coaching process included 11 coaching meetings between September 2017 and September 2018.  

The date of the review was November 7th 2018.

The review process was an excellent opportunity to reflect my coaching abilities in relation to SF clues. The process clearly demonstrated solution focused coaching methods as useful tools for business management coaching. The business oriented approach was also reflected in the goals set in the joint discussions and in the indicators used to assess the achievement of the coaching goals.

As a coach, I noticed from the start that it was very useful for the client to help him build a description of his own “preferred future” using the miracle question or other “future perfect” oriented questions. Through this, a clear joint mindset was also found in tripartite conversations between the client, his supervisor and coaching orderers.

In particular, this coaching proceeded with working from the answer to the question, which is also the natural way of acting to me. I always felt confident that we were discussing the client’s agenda.

The customer got the best insights when Coach built conversations on the basis of the client’s language metaphors, stories and behaviour.

During the process the client also experienced setbacks working towards the goals. In these situations, the customer clearly benefited from the fact that Coach helped start something new rather than stopping something. In these situations, reviewing the small successes made along the way clearly helped the customer.

In the middle and in the end of the process, we went over positive changes during the process. This helped the customer to notice his own successes and to utilize them in the future as tools in similar situations.

Client Quotes:

The coach was able to respond well to his situation and to adapt the meetings to the current mode or feeling. The customer felt that Coach was able to discuss the right things that led him to think about developing his own work.

The client felt that the coaching goals were achieved. The customer told me in his feedback that he got good guidance in his time management, which he will be able to utilize in his future work. The customer felt that the discussions helped him clarify the role of HR Master and gave him good advice he will try to bring to action in the future.

In the final discussion, all parties were satisfied with the process and the goals were considered to have been achieved. The customer got the content of his HR manager role clarified to him, which helped prioritize the work tasks and manage the time.

After three months of coaching, the customer still feels he can take advantage of the tools he received.

Candidate’s Summary:

The whole process has clarified for me what kind of solution focused coach I am. By that improved insight, I have let “the inner Coach” in me surface more and more.

During the process, I am only strengthened by the fact that utilising the constructive interaction pattern brings my personal strength as a positive addition to my Coach role. I often get feedback in my HR role that I’m very sensitive to sense peoples’ state of mind and I come to think the right things from the words of my partner. During the process, I have noticed that asking a question based on a customer’s response often leads to issues which the customer really needs to discuss about.

Using constructive interactivity also ensures me as a coach that I’m always on the customer’s agenda. In fact, the customer’s agenda has become a matter of heart to me. The use of interactivity has also clearly brought true presence to the meetings.

Giving up preparation was one big learning experience to me in this process. It was definitely a journey to my own discomfort zone as well. The change of the client’s agenda with more meetings made me finally realize that success is obtained because I let the conversation go according to the client’s agenda.

It was also very important to receive feedback from the reviewers. I noticed that I had used many methods in a way that really helped the client to leap forward and to find new perspectives. I sincerely thank both Mari and Tuija for their kind guidance and feedback. I want to thank my client as well; it was very important to receive feedback from him concerning the meaning of this coaching process in supporting his own professional path.

Reviewers Summary:

Mari Juote, Lead Reviewer:

It was a joy to see how skillfully Sari led the process by constantly focusing on the client’s agenda. I was impressed by how smoothly she was able to adapt the process to the client’s needs throughout the process, including tripartite meetings between the client, the coach and head of the business unit. This piece of work shows she can use SF tools as a way to work with the emerging issues and trusting on the process. Sari’s great strength is also her sensitivity and ability to build an appreciative and trusting atmosphere that creates a solid platform for constructive interaction.

Second Reviewer summary:

Tuija Laine-Itävuo, Second Reviewer

I was really impressed by Sari’s piece of work. The whole coaching process was professionally executed, well-documented and respected the solution focused approach in an excellent way.

Sari’s work demonstrated a respectful and co-operative stance in many ways. I admired the way she was ready to develop the process according to the client’s needs and she was not afraid to get creative while doing it. She also skillfully helped the client to build his preferred future in many different ways and had the patience and faith in the process. Sari is particularly skilled at identifying client’s resources and giving encouragement.

Tuija Laine-Itävuo,

Mari Juote,,

Tuija Laine-Itävuo, Second Reviewer

About The Candidate:

Continuous development has always been the key value of Sari’s life. As an HR Manager and Solution Focused Coach Sari is passionate to pro-actively translate business needs into HR solutions and act as a change agent in the organization. Sari Nousiainen acts as a solution focused coach in her own work community as part of the HR Manager role. Sari specializes in Coach implementations of business leaders and managers. In addition to coaching, Sari utilizes Solution Focus in her own day-to-day work and life. Solution Focused is not just training for her, she lives it every day.

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