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Individual career coaching process of a CEO (2010-2011)

The goal of the process was to help a CEO leaving an organization to find a new position within a reasonable time. The process lasted for six months and included 8 sessions. The career coaching included three steps: self-analysis, getting to know various job search methods and active self-marketing. Client’s expertise, persona and way to work were scrutinized as well as motivation, future expectations and life as a whole. Coaching strengthened client’s self knowledge and his own abilities for achieving his targets. The client was chosen to become the CEO of an international service sector company. In addition to this, four other potential employers were interested in his expertise. The client was pleased with the CEO position and extremely motivated and committed to his new job. The success was celebrated in the final coaching session.

Candidate’s Summary:

Throughout the whole process my guiding principle was to have as few pre-assumptions about the client and the situations as possible. The client determined his own targets and preferred future. I as the coach acted as the outside opinion and feedback that made the important things visible.

Describing the process very precisely and carefully for the review process made me more aware of how I carry a process forward, what choices and specifying questions I make and what paths I follow. The review process was a great learning experience which opened up new perspectives in my own work and made the tacit knowledge I have tangible for myself. I realized I had been taking certain things for granted. I was very grateful for the feedback: I recognized my own strengths such as the ability to give space to my clients and the accepting and appreciative interaction I have with them. The review process strengthened my professional profile and also made my coaching skills more visible. I was also convinced of the power of solution-oriented feedback.

Customer Quotations:

” In the initial meeting, we built a solid base for future steps. The overall process was well clarified and I got the necessary tools for going forward. I got a very comprehensive understanding of the outplacement process, and this enforced my confidence in my possibilities of obtaining a new and challenging position for me. Open and direct discussion, relaxed feeling. “

Reviewers Summary:

It was a pleasure to follow how Riitta lead the process with client in both determined and creative way. Riitta was able to build a trust relationship with the client straight from the beginning. Effective work for reaching the client’s goals went on not only during the coaching sessions but also between them. Riitta’s way to work was appreciative and the outcome splendid. What impressed me most was her ability to tie things together and draw parallels between issues. Concrete drawing was also done a lot in the sessions in order to make the issues discussed more tangible for the client. Also good humor was present in Riitta’s coaching: When having a marketing oriented CEO as a client, they did not work on the client’s CV in the first place, but “a product brochure”. In a nutshell: a skillful solution-focused coaching process for the great benefit of the client.

Second Reviewer:

I was particularly impressed by how Riitta managed a perfectly coherent and focused process by asking all the way what the client wanted in each session. From the client’s point of view they thereby discussed their way through the coaching. – And this was done based entirely on the client’s self analyses of his strenghts and goals! I was also struck by how well Riitta sensed that the first job offer the client got, wasn’t the one to jump for. Someone less sensitive and experienced could easily have gone for it! In addition Riitta used several very interesting tailored tables and graphs, that the client seemed to appreciate.

Lead reviewer: Marika Tammeaid
Second reviewer: Peter Sundman

About The Candidate:

Riitta Salminen is a Solution Focused Coach and Work Counsellor. She works as a Leadership Coach and Career Coach at HRM Partners Ltd. She has studied and completed the degree in coaching at Helsinki University, Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education.

“I believe you are the best expert on your own life and desires. That is why you know the best solutions and answers for your own questions. As a Coach I would like to help you discover your hidden potential and resources, find new points of view as well as fresh ways of thinking and acting. My sales, marketing and leadership experience enables me to understand the needs of business operations.”

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