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A business case for selling SF programmes

Oct 13, 2023

Kenneth Kwan

Introduced by Carey Glass

What a fantastic session!

Kenneth Kwan has the secret sauce. He has worked out how to sell SF into businesses, and in this podcast, he explains how he does it.

His podcast is full of gems; “People don’t buy programmes; they buy business results.” He describes how he built a programme that leaves nothing to chance, focusing on getting quantitative, measurable results for business, making it an easy sell.

He is clear about every programme stage: “People should meet, create possibilities, talk about what works and how to build momentum. It’s those added gems like creating momentum that he knows will make the difference in an SF business programme and going for small, highly significant changes where leaders can easily see results.

Brilliantly, he has worked out exactly how to engage all levels of the business and what each needs to do to get quantifiable outcomes they truly care about.

His approach is practical. Busy senior executives are involved in the programme but with a short engagement. Meanwhile, managers and staff co-create to get results, and executives measure managers on their programme leadership.

When managers present results, they engage senior executives, who leave the presentation knowing things are moving – this provides win/wins all around.

In any organisation, Kenneth’s energy and enthusiasm are probably enough to create real change anyway (!), but this ability is so clearly the culmination of his years of experience with businesses, where he pinpoints exactly what they will buy to get results. He has provided the manual for getting SF business outcomes.

Kenneth Kwan
Kenneth Kwan
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

Kenneth Kwan is an internationally renowned Author, Global Leadership and Motivational Speaker, recognized for his exceptional ability to inspire and empower audiences around the globe. With a remarkable track record of speaking to leaders from 40 countries, he has ignited conversations that have led to remarkable possibilities and sustainable change.

Carey Glass
Carey Glass
SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
Editor of Interaction
SFIO Contributor

Carey Glass is a Management Consultant and Organisational Psychologist. Her business “Change With Ease” reflects the miracle that happens when organisation move away from problem-focused approaches. She has brought SF to all areas of corporate and public sector life in the UK, from strategy, to performance management, to occupational health and safety, to culture, coaching and complexity helping create far-reaching change with ease. She has published case studies describing the transformation that SF brings to organisational outcomes and is excited to now be bringing the benefits of SF to Australian organisations.