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SF Coaching meets Advanced Leadership Development

Our SF contribution to the growth of future leaders

Aug 19, 2023

Stephanie Salecker

Being a leader in these times isn’t easy – it is complex, ambiguous and demanding

Leaders need advanced leadership skills and support on how to deal with their daily leadership challenges. Still, they also need to develop higher levels of leadership awareness and consciousness along the way. These levels are often not developed alone or in isolation, involving a much longer term professional and personal learning journey that can extend over many years.

As (SF) coaches, Stephanie believes we can play a crucial role in supporting leaders willing to step up on their developmental journey.

In this workshop, Stephanie shares how to combine being a truly dedicated Solution focused coach with being a highly committed leadership development expert. Are these two different worlds, or can they merge meaningfully?

Stephanie has her own experiences and has worked with different leadership awareness models over the last few years. In this workshop, she would like to share one of her favourite leadership development models with you and answer these questions:

  • How can these models even be helpful to us as we grow as coaches?
  • How can understanding of different levels of leadership awareness, leadership consciousness, and stages of leadership development be helpful in the coaching process and facilitate our clients’ growth without being dogmatic?
  • What is the benefit of our SF pureness and simplicity in this process?

This workshop offers opportunities for exploration and personal insight on how these models can create more awareness for ourselves on our own growth and development as coaches.

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Format: Workshop Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Stephanie Salecker
Stephanie Salecker
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

Stephanie is the founder of SolutionSurfers® Deutschland. She is a passionate SF Coach, a future oriented leadership driven mind and a soul that continues to be inspired by the human experience, Stephanie deeply cares about Coaching and Leadership and all the connections that are created when you mix them and create inspiring and meaningful learning experiences for everyone involved.