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"Solution Focus Briefly Illustrated"

A book review by Lilian Ing

Aug 29, 2021

Lilian Ing & Simon Lee

Reviewed by Lilian Ing

This little gem of a book comes from Asia. Simon Lee, the author, is a well-seasoned trainer, coach and SF practitioner, who has put together a book to introduce people in organisations - leaders, managers and coaches - to the ‘solution focused’ way.

This book provides practical suggestions of how leaders can apply SF techniques to coaching their team members. A ‘how to’ illustrated guide, the book will help those who work with and in organisations to showcase the strengths and maximise the potential of people. A coach or manager can transform conversations using the applications and questions that Simon provides. These conversations enable their client or team member to develop solutions themselves, rather than look to the coach or manager for solutions. Simon includes a good number of examples and ideas.

I liked that the book also appeals to those who seek to learn or refresh their learning about SF fundamentals. Set out in 5 chapters, Solution Focus Briefly Illustrated is easy to read and understand. The illustrations clearly and effectively present the Solution Focused philosophy, elements, and assumptions, along with the tools and techniques practitioners use when applying the SF approach.

However, if you are looking for a weighty tome on SF, this is not it. Instead, it is very practical, providing tips on handling difficult situations and taking the different SF concepts, applying them to various scenarios, and exploring the myriads of ways of asking effective questions.

Lilian Ing
Lilian Ing
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

I have over 25 years’ experience as a registered clinical psychologist, executive coach (ICF-PCC) and OD practitioner.

Simon Lee
Simon Lee
Chapter Head
SFiO Contributor

Simon Lee is Managing Partner and Master Executive Coach of BRIEF Academy. He is one of Asia’s pioneer executive coaches specializing in Higher Ground Leadership and Solution Focused Brief Coaching. He has over 25 years of business management experience and works with organizations to provide innovative solutions that illuminate the strengths of leaders to propel positive change.