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Treasured Article Review by an SFiO Contributor

May 16, 2021

An Introduction to Fredrike Bannink

Introduced by Carey Glass

This choice of Treasured Article goes right back to the first publication of InterAction in May 2009; Solution Focused Conflict Management in Teams and in Organisations by Frederike Bannink.

Chosen for its elegance of description, it illuminates the Solution Focused approach to conflict resolution simply and clearly, provides a pure table of differences between Solution Focus and a problem-focused approach and is accompanied by a brief, easily followed case study.

Its elegant simplicity offers a perfect template for practitioners to follow. It provides wonderful insights, for example, reminding readers that usual approaches to conflict resolution such as negotiating, limit participants to what already exists rather than envisioning new possibilities.

It also possesses a realism, describing indications and contra-indications for using an SF approach.

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Fredrike Bannink
Fredrike Bannink
InterAction Contributor

Fredrike Bannink is a Master of Dispute Resolution and a clinical psychologist. She is an SF trainer and author of many international publications solutions@fpbannink.com, www.fpbannink.com.

Carey Glass
Carey Glass
SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
Editor of Interaction
SFIO Contributor

Carey Glass is a Management Consultant and Organisational Psychologist. Her business “Change With Ease” reflects the miracle that happens when organisation move away from problem-focused approaches. She has brought SF to all areas of corporate and public sector life in the UK, from strategy, to performance management, to occupational health and safety, to culture, coaching and complexity helping create far-reaching change with ease. She has published case studies describing the transformation that SF brings to organisational outcomes and is excited to now be bringing the benefits of SF to Australian organisations.