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Simple and better: a two days workshop with Leaders from a large public organisation.
13. -14. Oktober 2008

The clients were dealing with low morale, poor internal communication and a need to improve performance. Guided by a series of experiential exercises, periods of reflection and discussion, participants were able to articulate their own resources, express their goals in a clear and concrete way and commit to achievable steps towards those goals. Through the use of role play of problematic situations (for example an appraisal interview with an underperforming employee; dealing with a difficult member of staff; conflict situations), participants’ confidence in tackling day-to-day challenges in the workplace was greatly enhanced. The atmosphere in the room moved from coolly professional to warmly constructive cooperation and mutual affirmation.

Candidate’s Summary:

My reviewers observed my solution focused attitude and care for participants during this workshop. What is important for me in my work is to continue to use what seems like the same simple questions. My challenge is to pose these questions so that they are new and so that they demonstrate my interest in my participants. I also will continue to be persistent in getting concrete answers from my clients.

Listening to the resource gossip was nice, refreshing and exiting. I was especially happy to hear how the reviewers described how their investment of time had proven useful to them in concrete terms.

Customer Quotations:

Leading is doing and here we talked about what can be done in a very practical way. The independence of problem and solution opens a new corridor. We are all already experienced leaders and even so, we discovered (or uncovered) useful tools which heighten our confidence: the importance of careful listening; running better meetings; goal setting and scaling questions. The workshop will have a lasting impact, both with our employees and upwards with higher management.

Reviewers Summary:

What impressed us most is the solution focused carefulness in designing the whole workshop process. From the very beginning the focus is on participants’ benefits and the process is co-created with the clients. By using scaling questions the things participants can build upon are brought to their minds. Thus aims and ambitions lead to action thinking and become describable as small steps. Ingrid uses continuously the participants resources. At half-time she lets them scale for instance the usefulness of the workshop in order to adapt it even better to their needs. Over the whole workshop solution focused leadership is not conveyed by explanations. It comes alive by continuous and useful cooperation between participants.

Lead reviewer: Peter Röhrig
Second reviewer: Peter Szabò

About The Candidate

Ingrid Reisch Dipl.Psych. Univ. started to study Solution Focus in 1994 with Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. She was an internal HR Manager at that time and had already had many years of experience in management and leadership development, systemic coaching and change management. Using the solution focused approach in coaching, teamcoachings and change management is a fantastic way to cooperate with people’s unique competencies and potential. Ingrid is persistent and target oriented and at the same time she has a great sense of humour – and it shows in her work. Ingrid has been managing partner of ReischReisch Solutions since 1999. In her clients portfolio you can find international companies like Allianz, Audi, Cisco Systems, Roche as well as public organisations and hospitals.

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