Annual General Meeting of Contributors Meeting Reportt

AGM 2020 Report and Recording

The AGM took place on 2 February 2020 as a Zoom online conference.
20 people attended and you can find a recording here.


SFiO accomplishments in the year 2019 / 2020
  • Recording SOLWorld Conference in Budapest
  • Publication of online InterAction Journal (Special SOL Conference Edition)
  • New chapters in France, Romania and Malaysia
  • Growth in Global Online Chapters
  • SFiO e-book launched ‘Sustainable Solutions for Leaders’
  • Supporting SF World Day with SFiO Fika
  • Unconference on SF in Large Scale Contexts
  • InterAction Journal resources
  • Review Process
  • Linked In presence – 450 members of LinkedIn group
  • Online local chapter meets
  • Funding SOLWorld List
  • Helping SOL Conference Budapest with finanical support
  • New SFiO YouTube channel.
Financial Report
  • £13529 in our bank account at 31 January 2020 (end of financial year)
  • £5790 in contributions in 19/20
  • Most costs are for online platforms such as Loomio and Zoom and we are able to keep this low
  • Agreed to keep the variable contributions of £25 – £85.
  • We have 126 contributors
  • We receive a good spread of contributions across the range.
  • Push to grow contributors
Result of Board Member voting
  • 76 people voted and all the Board nominees were elected.
  • We thank Alan Kay for all his efforts and welcome Trevor Durnford to the Board
The focus for 2020/2021, as input for the Board
  • Maintain what we are already doing
  • Encourage even more accessibility
  • Grow paid contributors
  • Increase visibility in USA
  • Redevelop Website – we have a new platform, focus on:
    • Chapters – support and grow
    • Structured access to resources for experts and beginners and business leaders (Contributor support welcomed for metadata)
    • Reviewed Contributors – enhance brand
    • Endorsing the content of SF in organisations training programmes
    • Events
  • Have support for Chapter Heads
Dialogue on supporting the Journal of Solution Focused Practitioners, as input for the Board

Agreed that if it is academic (and so it does not compete with InterAction) and all SFiO Contributors can obtain it for free, we should consider financial support.

Dialogue on database management

Following a complaint about passing an email address to Loomio for voting purposes, we will update our data privacy policy and include consent on the contributions documentation. To reassure contributors, we use:

  • Mailchimp for information sharing
  • Eventbrite to collect contributions, organise events and send messages about them
  • Loomio for discussion and voting.

These three platforms use your data for the use described above and nothing else.

With no further topics we ended the meeting.
John Brooker and Annie Bordeleau Co – Presidents


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