SOLWorld 2013 Video Talks

These are videos of sponsored SOL Talks at the SOL2013 Event.  You can find the videos by clicking on the links below:

Mark McKergow Mind the Muddle

Mark McKergow explores various muddles around our conception of ‘mind’ from an enactive perspective and shows how solution focused work helps coaches and other practitioners to avoid getting tangled up in confusion as they ‘mind the muddle’ about meanings and molecules, and stay focused on their clients. Recorded at SOLWorld 2013, Bad Pyrmont, Germany.

Kirsten Dierolf discusses the SF Clues

Kirsten discusses the SF Clues as developed by the full members of SFCT.

Dominik Godat on Leadership

Dominik Godat discusses his research into SF Leadership in Action.

Paul Jackson on Switching from Problem Talk to Solution Talk

Five tips for giving a great presentation. When Paul Z Jackson was asked to give a TEDx talk he applied these five valuable tips. He also describes the key points of Solutions Focus, by showing how to swtich from problem talk to solution-focused talk.

Adam Turner – SF in Asia

Adam talks about how SF creates the space for vulnerability and growth in the multicultural context of Asia.

Armin Sieber – A journey from Frankfurt to Palo Alto while staying in Winterthur – a school’s transformational path

Armin Sieber talks about the transformation of a school originally based on “critical theory” to a school that incorporates a Solution Focused approach as it’s basic operating system. Recorded at SOLWorld 2013, Bad Pyrmont, Germany.

John Nicol on SF and Project Management

John gives an SF view of Project Management.Recorded at SOLWorld 2013, Bad Pyrmont, Germany.

Gunther Olesch – Success Story: How we became one of the top employers in Germany

Gunter discusses how his company became one of the top employers in Germany and the audience pull SF lessons from his talk.

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