Our direction for ASFIO

The ASFIO leadership team has identified six areas to focus our attention on to make ASFIO successful. These are stated below.

Each focus area has a draft description of what will be happening by the end of 2017 when we are successful . The names of the Board members championing these areas are shown in brackets:

  1. Support existing initiatives – We have identified good examples of SF initiatives and nurture and support these initiatives to flourish. We sponsor, promote and contribute to the success of “SF in organisations” events. [John]
  2. Communicate superbly to organisations and contributors (Members) – Contributors and organisations can find and link to everything that is happening in SF, organised in one website that is easy to access. We are talking in language organisations and contributors understand. We are on all useful social media platforms. Our story is clear. We have a well known name and logo. [Annie, David, Lilian]
  3. Develop more and larger Chapters – We have more people in Chapters and more Chapters globally. A global online Chapter exists. Chapters share best practice and offer examples and case studies. [Andrew, Liselotte, Kat]
  4. Grow the community of contributors (Members) – We have 500+ contributors, a large percentage of whom are in organisations. There are many young and diverse people. Contributors know how they can contribute and benefits they receive. It is really easy to join. [Anton, Petra]
  5. Reach out to organisations and our contributors – We have many more organisations represented in ASFIO and have created an event for organisations and contributors, encouraging collaboration. We are speaking at diverse conferences and encouraging contributors to do so. [Paul]
  6. Develop and encourage professional standards for SF in organisations – We have established standards, enhanced the review process and have many more reviews carried out. We support the existing InterAction journal and have a journal with a focus for organisations too. [Champion to be confirmed]

We will be asking for people to contribute, to join a team that can progress ASFIO in each of these areas. Look out for an email!

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