About the Piece of Work

SFiO reviews ‘pieces of work’ rather than individuals. This respects the idea that every case is different and avoids specifying a syllabus or methodology, etc. 


What can I submit as a piece of work?

Criteria for a piece of work are:

  • It is predominantly solution focused (i.e., other models may have been used, but only as a sub-component).
  • It is in the context of organisations, or the work of individuals in organisations
  • It is no less than 9 hours of face to face time with the client(s)

Examples of suitable pieces representing SF organisational work are:

  • Team coaching
  • 3 sets of 3 hours of coaching with individuals from the same customer organisation
  • Coaching engagements with one client over multiple sessions with different topics
  • A change management project with a large group facilitation
  • Team development/training
  • Facilitation, supervision
  • Workshops
  • Trainings with SF elements (which show an SF teaching and learning philosophy, but teaching people SF itself is not the core objective – eg leadership, personal effectiveness, etc)
  • Consultancy (external and internal) conducted in organisational settings, including planning, line management, coaching assignments

Examples of unsuitable pieces are:

  • A single coaching session, supervision or facilitation session
  • An SF component of a larger project
  • A project that uses another approach (e.g., NLP, systemic consultancy, etc.) with some elements of SF
  • Technical training in which the teaching of subject matter is the core activity
  • Work that is not in an organisational context eg a project about supervision of therapists

How the description of the “piece of work” should be structured:

The process should be outlined with a clear beginning, middle and end. The documentation should make it possible for the reviewer to identify clues of SF work.

Ideas for the beginning:

  • The context and background
  • The client briefing and how the final proposal was negotiated and approved
  • Preparation and planning for the approved work by the candidate and the client.

Ideas for the middle:

  • How the work was conducted respecting the uniqueness of the situation. (Structure, process, emergence and developments)
  • Clear examples of practice and responsiveness throughout the implementation.

Ideas for the end:

  • The outcomes and what happened regarding the request and achievement of the client’s goal as well as other results.
  • Perspectives and reflections from the candidate and the client.
  • Evaluations of the project by the client and, ideally, the participants

Who can be a candidate?

Any SFiO Contributor can apply for a review of a piece of SF work.

Please download the documentation to apply for a review of a Piece of Work here.

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