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Become an SFiO Contributor!

If you are interested to grow the use of Solution Focus in organisations, you are welcome to become an active contributor in the SFiO Network. At its most basic, you can contribute financially. This enables us to maintain the online journal, expand our physical Chapters for people to meet, run conferences, manage the Global Online Chapter, video SOLWorld conference talks, create an SF resource library and develop new ways of promoting, supporting and applying SF in organisations.

As well as financial contributions, SFiO contributors run local Chapters for people to meet, facilitate the Global online Chapter, write, edit and publish our online journal, carry out reviews with individuals who wish to be reviewed and create the library. You also have the opportunity to participate in discussion and decision making through our Loomio platform, e.g advising on how SFiO spends the contributions made. In this way, we seek to make SFiO as open as possible.

Watch John Brooker and Annie Bordeleau talk about why we use the contributor model and how we invest your contributions.

With apologies, John F. Kennedy was speaking at his inauguration ceremony, not to a bunch of students!

The contribution for 1 February 2020 to 31 January 2021 is between £25 and £85 and includes priority access to the online InterAction Journal, free or lower cost participation to any Local Chapter meeting, priority access to our Global Online Chapter meetings and the opportunity to become a Reviewed Contributor, having a piece of your SF work in an organisation reviewed with your peers at no charge.  We will add more benefits as we can. The variable contribution provides the opportunity for anyone to be part of the SFiO network, the more we raise, the more we can do.

To contribute, please click the button below to go to Eventbrite* in another tab and choose the ticket for the contribution you want to make for this year.

*Eventbrite reduces our administration time and costs and helps us keep track of Contributors and funds in the easiest way. If you have any questions using EventBrite, please contact



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