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Individual coaching process ”How to do more using less time” (4/2014 – 9/2015)

This coaching process was related to working life (time management) and the process led us to a series of career development discussions. The goal of this process was to support the client´s needs aims, which concretise during our conversations. When I first met the client her core question was how to shorten her working hours and work less. During our process her situation at the workplace changed dramatically, which had a profound effect on her core and main goal. At the end of the process we discussed different career choices and ways of applying for job. My role as a career coach was to help her to see what she ultimately wanted, what she was good at and to help her see different possibilities and next steps on her career.

Customer Feedback:

The coach was extremely sensitive and flexible for my needs. At every meeting the starting point really were my needs. My needs changed along the way, even during one session. The coach always had the ability to flexibly control the process from a new perspective. My own engagement in the process could have been even better. My goals would have realized better, if I had proceeded according to my plan.

I reached my set goals: working time management and reflecting my work improved,

the courage to change as a person increased, and I received a lot of good practical tips and insight on how to move forward. I realized that by splitting the goals and plans into smaller footsteps, it is easier to get things done.

On a scale of 1-10 I choose the number 7, I started at 1-2. To get to number 10 I should have done more work to achieve the main goal.

Candidate’s Summary:

Candidate’s Summary:

During the process I learned many valuable things about myself as a coach, about the power of dialogue, solution focused and functional methods.  I noticed once again how important it is to trust the process and yourself as a coach. During this process, the awareness of my role as coach grew stronger. I have the opportunity to follow how small steps materialise, even if sometimes as the coach I have the feeling that there is no process / nothing happens. It is the client’s process, and I’m aware of the importance of those steps for the customer in the frame of the whole coaching process.

The importance of being open-minded and attentive makes me sensitive to every little thing. We always found a goal for each coaching session despite the client’s disbelief of finding a proper topic. As a coach, I learned to use and trust my intuition during each session. It has helped me a lot that I have been able to continue to strengthen my different roles. I work as a coach, as well as an expert. Both roles are there and they alternate, if necessary, in perfect harmony.

As my client had many things on her mind it was sometimes hard to decide on how to continue coaching. In this process, it was even more important to make sure during each session that we were talking about the right things. This made me come to the conclusion that sometimes less can be more. I could have stopped even more at different topics, but it would have changed the process and as a coach, my role is also to listen to my client and trust my intuition.

As the coach, I concentrated on the client’s values, strengths and resources. The thing that helped me the most during the process was to be able to create an atmosphere of trust. For me, the peak moment of this process was our fourth meeting, when I trusted my intuition. In the difficult situation, I managed to choose the right direction and I had the opportunity to follow how solution focused talk really worked.

This process led me to reflect also the job processes at my work place. It would be good to get the customers to reflect on their unemployment situation at an earlier stage than what they currently do.

It was very important to receive feedback from your work. It helps you to become an even better coach. As we did the review I noticed that I had used many methods in a way that really helped the client. I sincerely thank both Riitta and Mari for their guidance and feedback. The process I have done became more visible and real for me.  I want to thank my client as well; it was very important to receive feedback from her also.

Reviewer’s Summary:

Heidi’s piece of work of career consulting-process showed her wonderful ability to build a trustful platform where the client is an expert of her own situation. She did a great work in balancing her roles as an SF-coach and a career counsellor. Throughout her coaching, she showed many SF clues from building on client’s strengths and resources and patiently focusing on small steps and finding new perspectives.  Her smooth, sensitive and intuitive way of carrying the process and building SF-dialogue let the process grow richer and created new insights on the process and client’s career choices. This coaching process made a difference also in a wider perspective. As a coach, Heidi had an important insight on how to implement an SF perspective in her working processes in her organisation.

Lead reviewer: Mari Juote


Second Reviewer:

Second reviewer:

Heidi had a great ability to reflect on her actions as a coach. She has a talent to keep the client’s aims and agenda in clear focus throughout the process. She skillfully helped the client to recognize resources and clarify values. I admired Heidi’s great capacity to keep the process flexible, ongoing and growing. She used creative and solution-focused methods in a rich way. She has an adorable ability to listen respectfully and to encourage the client. In this process the meaning of small steps and the importance of a trusting atmosphere became evident. This process was important not only as a single case but as giving elements for developing her work as a career counsellor.

Second reviewer: Sirkkaliisa Heimonen

Lead reviewer: Jenny Clarke
Second reviewer: Stanus Cloete

About the Candidate:

Heidi Hännikäinen works as Manager of Career Services at the Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists. She is a career and recruitment specialist, who has worked in this field for over 15 years. Heidi has studied Solution Focused Coaching at the Palmenia Center of the University of Helsinki. As a career coach Heidi´s goal is to help people see a larger picture of who they are, what they want, what their passion is and what they are good at. Heidi uses the solution focused approach and coaching in training both for individuals and groups, in person, over the phone or online.


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