How can I use the “User’s guide to the future” as a coaching tool?

The “User`s guide to the future” is a powerful model developed by Mark McKergow for sf working with the future. In the online meeting we will explain the model and demonstrate in a live coaching how clients find signs of progress facing challenging and complex projects.

Having an idea of the first tiny signs of progress can be particularly useful in cases where the next steps are not obvious or seem uncertain. After the session, SF practitioners will be able to work with the model in coaching or team coaching situations. They can support clients in stuck and tough situations by focussing strongly on signs of progress. Leaders will have some fresh ideas how to plan and steer complex projects in an sf (and very agile) way – together with their team. In a stance of Host Leadership they will be able to better accept uncertainty. One participant will have the chance to be supported in a challenging situation by a coach and find tiny signs of progress to take home with.


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