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Solution-Focus Meets Sociocracy

Human-friendly organizations

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About this event

Agility is the leaders’, individuals’, teams’, and organisations’ ability to dynamically sense and respond to changes in the (business) environment with actions that are focused, fast and flexible.

The Alternative Bank Switzerland (ABS) is a small Bank in Switzerland founded by a group of pioneers in 1990 who wanted to showcase that banking can be done in a socially fair and ecologically sustainable way. Since its founding, the bank has stayed true to its purpose, grown, and constantly reinvented itself. In 2022, the board of directors decided to continue this pioneership by introducing a sociocratic organisational model in the bank to create a structure and way of collaboration that helps the bank to adapt quicker to changes and new fields of business but also to give the 150 employees more opportunities to bring in their potential and thrive for the benefit of the purpose of the bank.

Our guest, Astrid Blunschi Balmer, is a solution-focused Certified Organisation Design Professional and practitioner with a background in HR and leadership development. Since last summer, she has worked for the Alternative Bank of Switzerland as the coordinator for the people circle and organisational and people development to support the transition into the sociocratic way of working.

She will share in this Meetup the everyday practice of how the solution-focused mindset and practice support this transition and how the journey towards a self-organised setting in a highly regulated environment is created.

Join us to meet fellow like-minded professionals in this international setting, listen to Astrid’s experiences, ask questions of her, and discover with us how the solution-focused OD approach supports a transition instead of implementing Sociocracy.

Read more about Sociocracy: https://www.sociocracyforall.org/sociocracy/

Host of the event: Elvira Kalmar, CODP https://www.linkedin.com/in/elvira-kalmár-5b74661a/

Our Guest: Astrid Blunschi Balmer, CODP https://www.linkedin.com/in/astrid-blunschi-balmer-8432b586/

Elvira Kalmár
Elvira Kalmár
InterAction Contributor
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Elvira Kalmár, Go Beyond Project, powered by Solutionsurfers® who supported the transformation and offers Solution Focused Organisation Development and Design courses (Native in Change) in Hungary, Switzerland and Belgium, and supports Organisations and Consultants with online mentoring.