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SOL Summer Retreat 2021 - Nourishing your SF Roots to engable your SF flourishing.

About this Event

Dear SOL World friends, We are delighted to announce that the 12th SOL Summer Retreat will take place on 2nd – 6th August 2021.

It will be a mix of the formats that have worked so well over the previous 11 years, with an online base and as much physical co-location of participants as possible by August.

This year, we have planned it so that the Retreat will include the SF24 Conference; which is taking place on the 5th-6th August. We hope that participants in the Retreat will see this as an opportunity to include and support that event as part of their own Retreat planning.

The Retreat is an opportunity to meet other SF practitioners in an informal environment so that we learn more about how we each think and apply SF in our work and lives. And to co-create a joyful, easeful environment for all to think, learn, share, play, take care of self and others.

We invite you to think what YOUR ‘perfect Retreat’ might be like:
Where would you be spending your time? Doing what? What do you look forward to doing? What might you want to focus on, hear more about, practise doing, ask someone, … ? What difference would that make? What would you love to share with others on the Retreat about your SF work /thinking? Wendy and Sarah will be meeting, on Zoom, on the 21st of each month from March to July to continue sharing their best hopes, ideas and evolving practical arrangements for their Retreats.

We would love to hear your best hopes for your Retreat….

Wendy & Sarah wendyvandenbulck@equoia.org sarahcudmore.cc@gmail.com

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