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SFiO Malaysia

To all SF Practitioners in Malaysia and Asia: Welcome to SFiO Malaysia. Here is where we share and engage with others to create new possibilities as we learn together.

Everyone can benefit from being Solution Focused. Organizations that have experimented with Solution Focused say it has become a big deal to the welfare of their employees. It has opened doors of communication, generated positive experiences and created openness for dialogue.

We encourage you to be a part of this ‘movement’ to create more ripples of Solution Focused wherever we go. Come, be part of the SF family, join the SFiO Malaysia Chapter…..anyone from Malaysia, Singapore and rest of Asia are most welcomed.


Simon Lee

Next events:

Solution Focused Briefly Illustrated launch date : 9 Oct 2020

SF Applications Book Project : 8 Jan 2021

Simon Lee
Simon Lee
Chapter Head
SFiO Contributor

Simon Lee is Managing Partner and Master Executive Coach of BRIEF Academy. He is one of Asia’s pioneer executive coaches specializing in Higher Ground Leadership and Solution Focused Brief Coaching. He has over 25 years of business management experience and works with organizations to provide innovative solutions that illuminate the strengths of leaders to propel positive change.