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Theory of Solution-Focused Practice - Version 2020

About this Book

European Brief Therapy Association presents a coherent theory of solution-focused practice for those who want to understand the rationale, together with a comprehensive description for training and developmental purposes. It is a process theory of how the solution-focused practice is done, together with explanations of how and why the process is initiated, why it goes in a certain direction who is responsible for it.

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John Wheeler
John Wheeler
SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
SFiO Contributor

John is an experienced and reputable solution-focused practitioner who again demonstrated in this piece of work his mastery of the art of solutions focus. Throughout this work he showecased an sf teaching and learning philosophy and “walked the talk“ with his clients. In a difficult situation he showed great awareness of the needs of the participants and adapted to the challenge by becoming a “tourist“ in their working environment and building a solid platform with them. His non-defensive and co-operative stance won them over. He succeeded in co-constructing the training content with them and involved the participants as co-trainers with great success.(Stanus Cloete)