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Yoram Galli

Yoram Galli

InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

Thinker, writer and speaker: provides unique value to customers and stakeholders.

Yoram guides customers in identifying and wording the right & correct goal they want. He specializes in identifying what is the right thing over what is the right way to execute it.

Yoram’s calling is to be a Connector: connecting ideas, concepts, insights, paradigms & people. Passionate about creating new models, new concepts and new paradigms, in the context of future being. He also conducts research in the era of Management and Behavioral Sciences.

His professional work is derived from:

  • The Psychoanalytic and Open System approach with years of experience as a stuff member in international conferences organized by OFEK - The Israeli Association for the Study of Group and Organizational Processes, where he also served as a board member.
  • The Solution-Focused approach and its implementation in organizations - is a member of the international steering group of SOLworld.
  • The Ontology - the philosophy of Being and Buddhism.

Putting his studies into practice, he is a saxophonist, a screenwriter, and publishes original assays and articles, on management, team consultation, coaching and leadership. He focuses on new ideas, concepts and insights, and - on how to put them to work daily.